Surface Pro 2

Surface Pro 2

I know the Pro 2 is fairly old and the Surface Book is out. This is a general review of the Surface line in general. I won’t be going over the specs too much, suffice it to say it has the specs to handle just about anything you can throw at it. I wouldn’t use it for very graphic intensive work, but if you aren’t a graphic designer or the sort, this should be able to handle what you got.


When my job said I could use a Surface Pro 2 for an indefinite amount of time I was pretty stoked. I’m a nerd and when anyone says ‘here use this, have fun’ dammit I’m gonna. Right now I’m writing this review on a Lenovo X250, it’s one of those fancy ultrabooks of the 12” variety, sitting in my recliner. I wanted to point out that I’m in my recliner for a reason, this is where I am usually on my computer when I’m at home. I don’t have a desktop so I rely on my laptops for just about everything (yes I said laptops, plural lol). The Surface while it is marketed as a ‘tablet that can replace your laptop’, why am I actually using a laptop right now? The ‘kickstand’ is mediocre at best, aside from that the keyboard is too flimsy to actually type stuff on while in your lap. The battery is a whole other problem. I obviously got a used Surface which with just about any other laptop wouldn’t be a big deal, but with this one I can’t replace the battery so when it goes so does the portability because I’ll need to be tied to an outlet all the time.


This is gonna be fairly short. I like the functionality of the pen on certain applications. The main one is OneNote, drawing directly on the screen is a very nice feature and it can keep my 5 year old busy for awhile. Why, oh why would you make it so you can't just scroll on a webpage with the pen? I can select links with it, why can't I swipe and scroll? That is a pet peeve of mine and it is the only one that makes me not want to use it. Storing the pen is nice, until you have to charge your Surface, then there's nowhere to put the pen until your Surface is fully charged. The pen is a nice idea, just not a great one.


Ok it doesn’t do the full job of a laptop, so maybe I should try using this thing as a tablet. Well there’s a small problem with that also. This sumbitch is heavy. Yes I can run Windows 10 on it so it has full Windows programs in a tablet with is nice, but for extended use as a tablet? Well honestly I think this is worse than trying to use it as a laptop. The best use I can think of for this is watching movies and tv shows. The screen is great and it’s big. Couple that with the Dish Network (I can watch my DVR on my computer) and movie watchin is very nice. The caveat to that one is I have an Nvidia Shield Tablet (and iPad Mini) and ‘there’s an app for that’.

Final Thoughts

I like my Surface Pro, but when I find I would much rather reach for my Lenovo than my Surface, that’s saying something. If I’m using a 5 star rating system I would have to give the Surface Pro 2, 2 stars, even at the current price I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone really. It’s a tablet, it’s a laptop, it can do both but neither very well. It has its place in my laptop collection…on the shelf…

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