Logitech MX Master Mouse

Want/Need So this was a 100% want for me. I didn’t need this mouse. My old one was a M705 which I’ve had for years. It was a great mouse I’ve never had any problems with it and it’s still going strong. My main reason at the moment for wanting the MX Master is because while at work I switch fairly constantly between a MacBook Pro and a Lenovo W541. I was using 2 different mice but I figured if I could consolidate that into 1 mouse that would be awesome. So here is what I think about the infamous Logitech MX Master mouse. Look/Feel I was gonna put the unboxing experience here but to be honest there was nothing to it. Mouse, USB dongle (dongle LOL), and micro USB cable. That’s it, very minimal, very nice. Ok, if you haven’t been close up to this mouse, this thing is a beast! I thought the M705 had a good size to it but this thing makes it look fairly small. In all honesty I have small hands, especially for a dude. In order for me to hold this mouse the way I held the M705 my hand was co…

Legion of Collectors July 2016

This is my first box for the Legion of Collectors. I meant to get the Batman v Superman box but I
spaced it. Next best bet for me was the Suicide Squad box. Deadshot, Diablo, Harley Quinn,
Joker? This box had win all over it. Now the biggest question, did it deliver? Well that is what
I’m here to find out so let’s do it!

So after I cut the tape to open the box I’m greeted with this dope ass Deadshot pin and pretty
sweet Katana patch. If the rest of the box is gonna be anything like this, it’s gonna be friggin
epic. Next.

The next thing I pull outta the box is this Suicide Squad #1 comic. It looks like a Legion of
Collectors exclusive type of thing. According to the info card in the box it has a Funko variant
cover. I’m honestly not sure if I will ever read this, mostly just because I don’t want to take it
out of the plastic. We’ll see how I feel about that next week.

Rather unfortunately the next thing I see is this Harley Quinn action figure. It’s not unfortunate
because I don’t lik…

Logitech K750

I’ve been using this keyboard for about 3 months now. I use it at work and I spend my entire day staring at computer screens so I’ve had quite a few hours behind this keyboard. This is a wireless keyboard, the big selling point for this one would be the fact that you won’t have to ever buy batteries for it because it is solar. If you work in a bright office space this could be a nice feature, but did Logitech make a good product? Or should you stay away? Let’s find out…
First Impression/Build Quality I probably should have put this in the little intro thing up there but when I got this keyboard it had previously been used and I got the complaint that keys worked when they wanted to (I’m IT HelpDesk). The first thing I notice when I get the keyboard is how much smaller it is than the MK710, if that thing is a Cadillac this is a Mini Cooper. It is a very thin and fairly compact keyboard. I did notice some lint/dust on the bottom side of the plastic that is covering the right solar pane…

Lootcrate June 2016 (Dystopia)

This is a bit odd for me because it’s not a review, more of an unboxing. As usual I didn’t absolutely like everything that was in this box, but in all honesty how hard would it be to make every single person that subscribes happy with the entire contents of the box? In any case let’s get started. Fallout 4 Dorbz
This is my first Dorbz figure, I actually thought they were kinda dumb. I do like the Funko Pop figures though. After getting this bad boy outta the box, it’s pretty freakin sweet. He’s found a nice home between my Back to the Future Doc Brown and Batman v Superman Soldier Pop’s.
Matrix Puzzle

I’ll be 100% honest, this could have been a naked lady and I probably would have been a bit bummed out (ok that’s a lie). Seriously I just don’t like puzzles, never have. That being said my son absolutely loves puzzles, he’s 5 (5 ½ if you ask him) so it will be nice to spend some time with him putting this together. I’ll probably mount it and put it up somewhere. T2 Tin Thing…

This one…

Dell Inspiron11 3000 Series

Intro So I’ve had this computer for a few years now. I found it at a pawn shop for an amazing price so I couldn’t pass it up. The official model number is 3147, this particular one has a Quad Core processor and 4GB RAM. This particular processor is before the Core M series of processors came out. I had a copy of Linux on this computer for about a year, but switched to Windows 10 since that is what the majority of people will be running on this guy. Linux ran buttery smooth on it though.
This is one of the more inexpensive 2-in-1’s on the market, they can be had for under $300. Is it worth it even at that price? That’s what I’m hoping to help you with.
Screen/Touch This is a very just ok screen, exact resolution is 1366x768. Watching HD videos on Youtube is definitely ok but nothing to write home about. I will say the touch screen is very responsive though and using this as a larger tablet is decent. It doesn’t get overly bright though so I would say using it outside on a nice sunny d…

HP Spectre 13-4002dx

Intro First of all I want everyone to know I didn’t buy this laptop. I got it from work and decided, well since I have access to it I may as well review it. I’m really enjoying using this laptop for just about everything and am finding myself looking for a reason to use it, even if I just pull it out and don’t do anything with it. So let’s get into it. First Impressions So I’ll get into the technical stuff in a minute. I have a Yoga 12 that I reviewed before and you can check out that review here, if you would like. If you would like to see me put these 2 ultrabooks head to head let me know. ANYWAY there’s 2 things that jump out to me when I first used this thing, 1. Damn this thing is slippery. I love the build, and it’s insanely sleek, but being made out of aluminum it is also very slick. Everytime I pull it outta my backpack I’m seriously afraid I’m gonna drop it. 2. This keyboard is nice! I know the Lenovo’s have won real awards for their keyboards and this one can easily rival a…

Phillips HUE Lux Starter Kit

I got this on sale through Amazon for $40 basically (39.99), unfortunately now it is $80. I’ve been wanting to try these for a while but couldn’t bring myself to spend the normal 75 or some odd dollars for it. When I saw it on sale it was a no brainer. Here is the nitty gritty.
In the box The box was very simple. There was 2 bulbs, power cord, Cat 5e Ethernet cord (about 3-4 feet), and what they call the bridge. Like I said very simple
Hooking it up This was so easy a caveman could….well you know the rest. The one I have is the first gen Hue so I don’t know if the newer version has WiFi but this one you have to plug in to your network via the included Ethernet cable. First you put the lights where you want them and turn their switch on. Then plug your bridge into the wall and your network. Then you need to download the Hue app to your phone or tablet, the app will see there is a bridge close and ask you to press the button on it, which will pair it with the app. Then you will be able …