Legion of Collectors July 2016

This is my first box for the Legion of Collectors. I meant to get the Batman v Superman box but I
spaced it. Next best bet for me was the Suicide Squad box. Deadshot, Diablo, Harley Quinn,
Joker? This box had win all over it. Now the biggest question, did it deliver? Well that is what
I’m here to find out so let’s do it!

So after I cut the tape to open the box I’m greeted with this dope ass Deadshot pin and pretty
sweet Katana patch. If the rest of the box is gonna be anything like this, it’s gonna be friggin
epic. Next.

The next thing I pull outta the box is this Suicide Squad #1 comic. It looks like a Legion of
Collectors exclusive type of thing. According to the info card in the box it has a Funko variant
cover. I’m honestly not sure if I will ever read this, mostly just because I don’t want to take it
out of the plastic. We’ll see how I feel about that next week.

Rather unfortunately the next thing I see is this Harley Quinn action figure. It’s not unfortunate
because I don’t like it. It’s unfortunate because she wasn’t in her package. For me it’s fine
because I was gonna open it and put it on my desk at work, but if I was someone that bought
these for the collector value I would have been pretty upset. Oh the bat is a nice touch. That
being said you can’t have Harley without…

The Joker piece is cool! Like I said I will take this out of the package and put it at my desk at
work. I need to organize my little DC area on my desk, I just hope Joker and Harley will stay
standing. Is it just me or do these little guys seem a bit cheap? Or am I just being too picky?

Not sure I can take this nekkit (naked, whatever) chick to my work and put her on my desk.
Aside from that I’m indifferent about this piece, my indifference turned into disappointment
after reading the info card about her. Apparently the original plan was to include a variant Joker
Pop in this box, but decided to put in Enchantress. The 2 things I look forward to most in these
type of boxes are the shirt and the Pop. The Pop almost broke this box for me…

At first glance I didn’t like the shirt, this is when it was still in the plastic. After I took it out I
came to really like the shirt. Chances are I will be that dork in the theater with the shirt on,
actually you can pretty much count on that.

All in all I did like the box. If I’m being honest I won’t run out and buy another one anytime
soon though. It was a nice change from LootCrate, which I don’t get every month anyway, but the next box has to have a real kick ass theme for me to want to buy it. I’m a 100% DC guy, through and
through, but it seems like they could have done better. I know they have to stay under a certain
dollar amount, but being a box that is being done by the company that owns the rights to the
Suicide Squad…it just seems like they could have done a bit more. Am I the only one that feels
this way?

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