Incase EO Hardshell Roller

Decisions, decisions

This is gonna be more of a first impression than an actual review. I just got the thing and haven’t been able to actually use it yet. I had been using a roller that my Mom picked up at a garage sale some time ago. It was functional but very cheap and small. After my last trip (that lasted a week) I knew I needed a bigger suitcase, but it still needed to be small enough to carry on a plane. I looked at I don’t know how many rollers, the Incase caught my eye because it was able to carry my laptop and lay flat so I didn’t need to take my laptop out when I went through security.
I figured if nothing else that was the one feature I wanted, really just to make going through security that much easier (and faster). I had to have looked at dozens of carry on rollers, even made a trip to a Samsonite outlet store and some fancy luggage store in an even fancier mall that I had absolutely no business in. We had to get outta there. That’s a different story for a different day.
Through what I found on the internet I narrowed my choice down to 4. The Incase, 5.11 FLT Line, OGIO Layover, and the Timbuk2 Copilot. They all had features I wanted, but none were perfect. I was very close to pulling the trigger on the OGIO because I’ve had such good luck with my backpack, but in the end I decided to go with my first choice the Incase.

First Impressions

When I unboxed this thing I was impressed. The wheels seem solid, construction is solid, laptop compartment is as advertised. Plus when I open the lid all my clothes are still nicely tucked away. I don’t know if you’ve seen the OGIO Renegade RSS backpack, but it had really good size to it. It fit inside the Incase hardshell roller. My backpack was fully loaded mind you, and it did take some patience but I managed to get it in.
A couple things I’ve noticed that bug me…It only has 2 handles, most of the other bags I looked at had one on each side, 4 total. The hardshell part is very shiny and looks like it will get scratched very easily, luckily I’m a nerd and I have no problems putting stickers on my $200 suitcase. Outside of the laptop compartment there’s not much as far as organization goes. This can be a double edged sword though, not enough and guys like me complain, too much and there’s not enough room for your clothes. So far I really like it, it does seem like it will hold up during trips to the airport and whatnot. In the future I will do a full review, what I’m thinking I’ll do is I’ll do one after my first trip, then I might do a follow up right around the year mark.

On a side note if there’s anything you guys want to see reviewed please let me know. I can’t promise I will get to it, I buy all this stuff with my own money, but I will definitely try especially if it’s not overly expensive. Thanks for reading and I’ll get another review up soon.

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