Logitech K400r

Reason for purchase

I have an Alienware Alpha, which very well may be a review in its own right. I was using a Logitech MK710 keyboard and M705 ‘Marathon Mouse’, which is a great combo but for what I needed it was just a little bulky. I use my Alpha for very light gaming (City Skylines, Southpark, Hacknet), and it is my Plex Media Server. So I didn’t need anything fancy so when I walked passed this keyboard with trackpad for $20 I figured what the hell I may as well give it a shot, what do I have to lose right?

Connecting and Use

As with pretty much anything Logitech nowdays it was really simple. I plugged in the USB adapter and let Windows do its thing, I don’t think it too much more than about a minute to download and install the drivers. At first I absolutely loved the thing mostly because of its size, I mean this keyboard has virtually no weight to it at all. Now that’s the same reason why I’m not in love with it. The up arrow and shift key are right next to each other, which wouldn’t be a problem except when you want to press the shift key which is about half the size you would expect it to be. I don’t know how many times I mistyped a password because I was pressing the up arrow instead of the shift key. Outside of that the trackpad isn’t very well built, it tends to get really choppy without a rhyme or reason. I’ve had a few of the buttons stop working on me and the left click beneath the trackpad doesn’t work anymore. Replacing the batteries helped for about a day. Luckily in the top left corner they put a dedicated left mouse click button, why I’m not sure but hey at least it works.


I hate to say this because I have always had really good luck with Logitech things but I don’t think I would buy this keyboard again. I can get passed the tiny shift key, those are the type of things that you expect to deal with on a keyboard this size. What I can’t get passed is the workmanship of the actual keyboard, I don’t use the thing a lot so it will get use until it dies. Next time I’ll spend a bit more money and get something that will last me longer than 6 months. On a 5 star scale I give the Logitech K400r 1 star. The thought was great, the execution? Not so much.

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