Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright

Shark Vacuum
Purchase Decision
We decided to purchase this vacuum when our Dyson quit on us. I’m not 100% sure which model Dyson we had, all I know is it was a yellow rollerball one. When we bought the Dyson we were very impressed. It actually picked up dirt that our previous vacuum had left behind. We wanted another Dyson but they are so expensive we thought about other options. We couldn’t buy a cheap ‘Walmart’ vacuum because my wife has really long hair and they generally only last us a few months due to her hair getting tangled up in the roller brush. A friend of mine very highly suggested a Shark so after about a week of researching we finally decided on the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright. This is my review of said vacuum.
‘Minor assembly required’
My wife had to run to the store so she took the kid and left the Man at home to put together their new vacuum. Unboxing was a fairly easy affair, everything was packaged nicely and there were these strange papers sitting right on top that said ‘Instructions’ or something like that. I’m not really sure I didn’t read it...If memory serves there were I think 3 ‘main’ parts, then a couple attachments. There’s only 3 pieces this should only take me 5 minutes. 10 minutes later I’m looking for those strange papers. Now, putting this thing together wasn’t hard by any means but if you have 1 piece rotated a bit too far (or backwards...I’m a dumbass) they won’t fit. This should be a lesson that I’m 100% positive I won’t follow next time I have to put something together, read the instructions...
This thing sucks
I hate doing reviews where I can’t find much of anything bad to say, because let’s face it, no product is perfect. To be honest if this thing lasts longer than 3 months that is a win for us. Something that was different on this particular vacuum was when you go to ‘release’ the handle so you can vacuum your floor there’s no button or special fancy trick you have to do. You literally put your foot on the base of the vacuum and pull the handle back, that’s it! On the power button there’s 2 settings, one for hard floors and one for carpet. Basically the one for hard floors doesn’t turn the roller brushes on. We’ve been using this thing for about 4 months now and it still works like it did when it was new, our house isn’t huge (925) sq. ft. but it definitely gets the job done, and it rolls easy enough for my 5yr old to push it around. Emptying it is just as easy, there are 2 little ‘clamps’ on the base of the junk tub, just release those and pull the handle. When you have the tub out there’s a little button that releases the lid. Just make sure if you’re playing with it and you have a ‘full load’ you do it over the trash, I’m not gonna say I made the mistake, I’m also not gonna say I didn’t. All in all when (not if) this one breaks I will buy another one, it’s a fraction of the price of a Dyson and in my non-scientific opinion, it works just as well. I can’t say I have any complaints, it’s a vacuum, as long as it cleans the carpet it does its job. On a 5 star scale I give it 3.5 stars

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