Slickwraps vinyl 'skin'

What’s in the box

These guys obviously know how to package their skin so it doesn’t get damaged on its way to you. Inside the box was the Slickwraps branded box that had the skin in it. Mine was for the Note 5 and it came with; a full size back piece, a smaller piece for the camera, an even smaller piece for the flash/heart sensor, a piece for each side, top and bottom, a little guy for the tip of the S-pen, and a piece for the home button. There was also what looked to be a sticker to take the lint off your screen and a small microfiber cloth.

First thoughts

I’ll be honest when I first purchased the skin I was a bit worried because it was described as being glossy, and I was afraid it would be a fingerprint magnet and I would end up either taking it off or covering it up with a case. I am happy to say I’ve had the skin on all day and not one fingerprint, even better it does provide a better grip on the slippery ass Note 5 than just the naked phone. Anyone that has a newer Galaxy phone knows exactly what I’m talking about. It’s not an insane amount of grip but it is better than just the phone.


Here’s where it gets a bit tricky. These things are cut so damn exact, if you are even a little crooked when you put it on you will notice it. The video said to line up the camera then press down, well I didn’t have much luck with that. What finally ended up working for me was to line up the top then follow through with the rest. You may get a few air bubbles, don’t worry mine just pressed right out. The side pieces are a pain in the ass because it’s so hard lining up the buttons. If you decide to put these on I highly suggest using a hair dryer like it suggests in the install video from Slickwraps. If you use your fingerprint sensor DO NOT use the piece for your home button unless you want to give up that functionality. Overall the installation wasn’t too bad, just keep in mind these are cut out to the exact shape of your device so be patient when lining everything up. Did you screw it up? Don’t worry if you send them a video or picture of how you screwed up they will replace it for you (within 30 days). Just so you know though they can be repositioned. I think I had to adjust mine at least 10 times

Customer Service

Nothing is worse than having to contact Customer Service on your very first order. I won’t get into the details, but what I will say is the Slickwraps customer service team is excellent. It’s always nice to know that a company actually gives a shit about your satisfaction.

Final thoughts

This will not be the last skin I get from Slickwraps. I have a couple other things they make skins for so I’ll definitely be grabbing a few more. I just wish they released the Justin Maller skins for more than phones and the Macbooks. I would 100% recommend these to anyone, if they have one for your device buy it, you won’t be disappointed. 

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