Logitech MX Master Mouse

M705 (left) MX Master (right)


So this was a 100% want for me. I didn’t need this mouse. My old one was a M705 which I’ve had for years. It was a great mouse I’ve never had any problems with it and it’s still going strong. My main reason at the moment for wanting the MX Master is because while at work I switch fairly constantly between a MacBook Pro and a Lenovo W541. I was using 2 different mice but I figured if I could consolidate that into 1 mouse that would be awesome. So here is what I think about the infamous Logitech MX Master mouse.


I was gonna put the unboxing experience here but to be honest there was nothing to it. Mouse, USB dongle (dongle LOL), and micro USB cable. That’s it, very minimal, very nice. Ok, if you haven’t been close up to this mouse, this thing is a beast! I thought the M705 had a good size to it but this thing makes it look fairly small. In all honesty I have small hands, especially for a dude. In order for me to hold this mouse the way I held the M705 my hand was completely off the mousepad which makes make move the mouse with my whole arm as opposed to my wrist. It wasn’t quite as comfortable at first but I’m quickly getting used to it.
All the black pieces have a rubberized feel to it. Not nearly as bad as a rubber band, just enough to give a little bit of texture. On opposite sides of the mouse there is this diamond sort of pattern, which honestly feels pretty good on the thumb, I can’t really feel it on the pinky side. Although it does look less pronounced on that side. Up top you got your usual buttons and scroll wheel, which in my opinion is one of the best features. You can ratchet scroll or if you need to get through a document or web page quickly you can flick it and it goes into a free scroll. I was constantly having to change between the two on the M705 so this is a very nice addition! I have now mapped that button to something else entirely (that’s for another section though).


This is where this thing shines. The customization options are pretty endless, I can’t even begin to break the surface in this review. Just to give you a taste, I have the button just behind the scroll wheel set to open up a command line prompt on my Windows machine and the Launcher on my MacBook Pro. You can set the buttons to do different things in programs too.
I’ve just recently run into something strange in the MacBook. When I have the mouse and my Sony MDR-XB950BT’s connected at the same time the mouse stops working. I’m still troubleshooting this, but this shouldn’t happen in my opinion so we’ll see what comes of this. Outside of that I haven’t had any problems. Granted I’ve only had it a week, but I’ve spent quite a lot of time with it.


Maybe this section should have went before the functionality section, but that’s ok. I’m sure you know by now that you can either use the USB dongle, or Bluetooth to pair. The only thing I’m going over here is the Bluetooth option because the USB option is simple enough. You can pair this mouse with up to 3 different devices. As of the time of this writing I have mine paired with 2. Well I just paired with my tablet for fun, I switched it to the one that hadn’t been used yet, my tablet just saw it I tapped the name and voila a couple seconds later it was paired. It was basically the same process on my computers, my Lenovo took a bit longer to see the mouse but once it did it was smooth sailing. I’ll chalk that one up to the computer, not the mouse.

Overall Thoughts

There’s only 2 drawbacks that I’ve come across so far. 1. This damn thing is big, if you have bigger (or just normal) sized hands you probably won’t have an issue with this. It took me some getting used to though. 2. Why can’t I have this and a pair of Bluetooth headphones paired to my MacBook at the same time? This could just be the headphones so I will pair my Jaybirds when I have a minute and update this review with the results.
It was very strange to get excited seeing the box with a mouse in it was delivered. It’s gonna be very hard to go back to anything else after this though. I’m really starting to like this thing, so much so that I may take it with me when I travel. I would 100% recommend this mouse to anyone really, it is pricey but if you stare at computer screens for the majority of your day, I think it’s a worthwhile investment.

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