Lootcrate June 2016 (Dystopia)

This is a bit odd for me because it’s not a review, more of an unboxing. As usual I didn’t absolutely like everything that was in this box, but in all honesty how hard would it be to make every single person that subscribes happy with the entire contents of the box? In any case let’s get started.

Fallout 4 Dorbz

This is my first Dorbz figure, I actually thought they were kinda dumb. I do like the Funko Pop figures though. After getting this bad boy outta the box, it’s pretty freakin sweet. He’s found a nice home between my Back to the Future Doc Brown and Batman v Superman Soldier Pop’s.
Here's a pic out of the box (told ya it was between Doc and the Soldier)

Matrix Puzzle

I’ll be 100% honest, this could have been a naked lady and I probably would have been a bit bummed out (ok that’s a lie). Seriously I just don’t like puzzles, never have. That being said my son absolutely loves puzzles, he’s 5 (5 ½ if you ask him) so it will be nice to spend some time with him putting this together. I’ll probably mount it and put it up somewhere.

T2 Tin Thing…

This one actually does bum me out a bit. Seriously what the hell am I supposed to do with this? Attempt to lean it up against a wall or something? Or just drive a nail through his head and hang it on a wall. A few months back I got a Terminator skull in a Lootcrate, that was awesome! This, not so much, but hey 2 outta 3 so far ain’t bad and I’m still not done…

Bioshock Infinite Key Blank

This had the potential to really suck. Why would I want a key blank if I can’t use it as an actual key? So I looked for it in the book and sure as shit I can have this key cut. That is actually pretty dope, I’ll definitely get that done sometime soon!

Robocop T-Shirt

I can’t believe I almost forgot this! This and the Deadpool shirt have been the best so far! I am definitely diggin this.


It’s a freakin bomb! Styled like something you would see on those old school pin ups. Definitely like this one, it’s going on my backpack right next to my Joker pin.


I gotta say, 5 out of 6 ain’t bad. It could possibly be 4 out of 5 but since putting the puzzle together with my son will probably be pretty fun I gotta give this box a win. Oh and I almost forgot here’s a pic of the box, they kind of outdid their selves on this one. Maybe you guys can give me some ideas on what to do with that T2 tin? It looks cool I just have no idea how to display it…

Sorry for the glare

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